World of Warcraft Pornography Story: Orc story #1

World of Warcraft Pornography Story: Orc story #1

Please not that this story was not written by me, only put on here by a fan of

WARNING: The following orc sex story takes place in a
fantasy world and contains violent orc sex and orc porn.

The characters are quite obviously fictional.


The Tales of the Wars
By Kevin Williams
© 1999-2002 


Book 1: The Prelude to War

Of Orcs and Elves






lion had been watching the Orcish encampment for days. With breaks for sleep, food, and relieving herself, she had dedicated over twenty hours a day to it for the last week. Over the course of that time, her rudimentary knowledge of the guttural Orc tongue allowed her to gather information on what had been going on.

And what that was, appeared to be very little. She had caught snippets of conversation between some officers about searching for the Elven settlement in the area, but all that had resulted in was several dead recruits as the Orcs stumbled over the many deathtraps the Elves had arranged.

As the week wore on, she had spent her time remaining very still and quiet, hidden under some brush with a good matting of bark and moss to render her invisible, stuck to her with tree sap. That sap had made everything stick to her. And it stuck everywhere. In her hair, on her face, all over her naked body.


Then, on the sixth day, something unforeseen happened.


In the early afternoon, on a hot summer day, an orc walked very near the bush she had been concealed in and began to urinate.

She had heard tales of the mythical size of Orcish manhood. They turned out to be true. As she gawked, the Orc (an officer by his uniform and tattoos) was at least eight inches in length semi-limp, and larger around than her wrists. He stood almost seven feet tall, and was dressed only in boots and pants. His deep olive skin shone with a light skiff of sweat and powerful muscles ripped beneath it. She became aroused immediately, and hated herself for it. His arms bore four stripes in a simple, yet purposeful way she had yet to figure out.

The Orc whistled to himself as he pissed. Ilion’s pussy was sopping wet and slowly washing away the bits of accumulation and sap she had applied. The Orc sniffed the air, as though he were aware of her, glanced about with a puzzled look, and finished his business.

However, the whiff of juice was enough to arouse him as well. He glanced down with an annoyed look on his face as his penis swelled to ten inches long and over two inches across. He stuffed himself back into his pants and struggled away.

Ilion was gasping for breath. She had begun to sweat and her cover was wearing off. She quickly dropped to the ground and silently began to try and remain hidden.

She looked up, and the Orc had joined a few of his troops. She learned his name was ‘Suldug’, and his men joked with him about his ‘condition’

“Oi, suh, looks like yuhz needs a visit from Mairek,” the corporal laughed and the three soldiers snickered.

“Gurruk’s Breath, ah thinks ah duz…” Suldug responded, glancing back at a tent she had not paid much attention to. He walked towards it, and in short order, exited with someone in tow. Someone tall and shapely and covered from head to toe in a dull gray cloak.

As he walked by his troops, that someone tossed off her cloak. She was almost as tall as he, and about as muscular. Her large breasts swayed as she swaggered. Her hips swiveled as she walked, totally naked except for a number of tattoos that adorned her body. Well-crafted tattoos had been done on her face, a red strip over each eyebrow, a red ‘v’ shape in the center of her forehead, white ‘v’s under on each cheek, and a red stripe from the base of her chin to her bottom lip. Designs wove themselves over her breasts and inner thighs, and a curious pattern flowered on her abdomen. The Orcs stood stunned and speechless as they walked past and entered the bushes right beside Ilion.

‘Damn’ she thought to herself, ‘there’s no way I can leave without them knowing’.

Suldug stopped, and gestured at the ground, as if saying ‘this will do’. The female, Mairek, lightly ran her hands across the officer’s barrel-like chest and down the tight muscles of his abdomen. She was wetter than Ilion, and her musky scent pervaded the area. She dropped to her knees and began to undo his belt, and when his pants fell to his ankles, she caressed his penis with large, thick hands. She licked the head lightly and he gasped. She ran her tongue down its length and he hardened fully.

‘She does not take him in her mouth,’ she noted, then realized that protruding from her lower jaw were the smaller versions of the tusks the males had, and when she smiled, sharp teeth peeked from between her lips. ‘And for good reason, I see’

As she readied her partner with one hand and tongue, the female’s own hand strayed to her own loins. She brushed a hand across a rather gregarious tattoo on her inner thigh and her whole body shuddered.

Suldug lay down, and Mairek licked him for a minute more before mounting him. She lowered herself slowly, taking his full length. He placed his hands on her hips as she rose a few inches.

He slammed her down hard and she gasped. She rose, and they collided again. It took a few thrusts, but they finally established a rhythm. He bared his teeth as he pounded into her, she cupped her breasts and gasped with each stroke. Ilion could not stop herself as her hand crept towards her own dripping pussy. She had not yet experienced this thing called sex yet.

Soon, he arched his back, she threw back her head and keened a high-pitched wail. They came. The two orcs seemed to flex every muscle in their bodies for a long minute before she collapsed upon him.

Ilion’s concentration was so intense, she failed to notice the Orc until he tripped over her.

She tried to skitter away, but ran into a pair of tree trunks wearing boots. She looked up as the Orc reached for her and tried to dodge, but her long hair whipped up and he grabbed a handful of it. Ilion shrieked in pain, and was quickly borne up by a thick pair of hands.

“OI! Look what ah found!” the Orc exclaimed, holding her aloft. Suldug and Mairek were still coupled and rather surprised as well. She was held by four sets of hands now, each on one of her thrashing limbs.

“Good job, boys! She’s yers!” Suldug called out with Mairek still on top of him. They looked each other in the eyes and rolled over as the four took her away.


They arrived at the mess tent, her hands bound behind her and roped to her waist. The corporal tossed her onto a table and called for water. Two younger Orcs brought out a tub, and she was dunked into it and scrubbed by rough brushes. Her camouflage was cleaned off and she was laid on a narrow table.

“Ah found huh! I gets huh first,” the corporal shouted. The rest nodded; he had found her, even if it was by accident.

He roughly grabbed a thigh with one hand while uncoupling his belt with the other. A thick slab of Orc manhood came down upon her crotch, it’s weight quite apparent, and juice still flowed from her hairless pussy as he guided himself to her. She heard a sound like cloth falling to the floor and as he pushed his head into her, she arched her back and caught a glimpse of the Orc standing behind her. Another thick shaft fell upon her lips, but she kept her mouth shut.

The corporal paused upon reaching a barrier. His eyes gleamed as he realized he was the first to tread upon this place. Ilion gasped loudly as he thrust himself into her with one mighty push. Pain exploded within her and she cried out only to have a thick penis thrust into her mouth. The head of the corporal’s thick cock nudged her cervix. She was totally filled by him.

The corporal gave a long ‘AAAHHHHhhhh’ of pleasure as Ilion’s tight pussy fought against him. Inside her mouth, a thick cock pushed itself towards her tonsils. After a long minute, the pain subsided and he drew back half his length and thrust again. Her virgin pussy was alive with pleasure as she wrapped her lips around the cock in her mouth. She gave into her lust as she realized there was no use in fighting.

She bucked and heaved against the corporal, cumming as he pounded into her. Her muffled cry could be heard around the thick shaft she sucked on. Soon, he twitched and exploded inside her, and she felt thick, gooey fluids flooding her virgin womb with blast after blast. She knew she would not have to worry about a child, since the union of Orc and Elf cannot result in such a thing, but did worry greatly about the real possibility that she may not live through this.

As she caught her breath, she felt the one in her mouth twitch and figured out what to do, lest she drown. Hot, salty semen flooded into her mouth, more and more came, and she tried to swallow it all as it flooded out of her mouth and down her face. The corporal was gasping for breath while his cock shot a few more loads into her. She felt as though she had been filled to bursting with his seed.

Ilion gasped for air as she was lifted into the air again, choking and gagging on the mouthful of come. This time, one of the other soldiers brought her down on him the way Suldug and Mairek had coupled. She had been reamed out well, and felt almost no pain as he brought her down, save that which lingered from the first.

As soon as she was settled, she felt something prod her behind. The soldiers were cheering as one the younger Orcs spit into his palm and wetted the end of his penis. He was much younger than the rest, a boy of maybe 9 winters, but an adolescent in Orcish years. He grabbed her hips and brought the head of his cock to her puckered asshole. He pushed slowly and she felt him enter her rectum.

His length was enough to fill her there too. She felt the two cocks begin to move within her, and shortly another tube was thrust into her face. She felt ecstasy as the three seemed to fight each other for her. Three cocks thrust into her at a time, and her head swam as though she was fevered. Through it all she felt the boy flood her ass with seed, pull out, and another, larger member intrude. Beneath her, someone grunted and poured forth themselves. She swallowed another mouthful of sperm and her ability to think faded away. She felt only orgasm after orgasm, load after load, and the thick taste of Orcish cum in her mouth.


– – – – –


She awoke, much later.

It was night. Through a haze, she saw the moon had passed through a phase, and somewhere the thought formed: ‘four days’.

She was sore everywhere. Above her, someone was speaking Elvish. The words seemed to float as though on the breeze. She looked down at herself.

She was coated in sperm. Her pussy and ass seemed to dribble forth even more when she moved. Her nipples had been pierced and small chain links installed. Orcish tattoos adorned her breasts, her thighs, and her arms. Small hands lifted her gently and set her in a hammock. She swang slightly as they lifted her to the treetops.


Days later, after she had been bathed, fed, and counseled, she looked into a mirror. Just like the Orcish whore, tattoos had been added to her thin, angular face, the same red strip over each eyebrow, the same red ‘v’ shape in the center of her forehead, white ‘v’s under her eyes on each cheek, and a red stripe from the base of her chin to her bottom lip. She looked at the rest of herself in the large, elegant full-length mirror. Her buttocks displayed vibrant red and black markings; wild matching patterns were mirrored betwixt her legs, and her back was alive with stripes. She put her hands to her belly and wondered… wondered, if she would let it happen again.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


“If there is one thing I’ve come to notice about my ‘subjects’, it is that they feel as though the world itself owes them something for how their race has been treated. And if one had grown up in such a way it is understandable that this ‘seige mentality’ would be a fitting reaction. Now, before you cast my tome into the hearth, hear me out: I do not condone the Orc’s actions, I am simply trying to convey their mindset.

“Everywhere there are Orcs, there has been conflict. Typically, it is the Orcs who start the fighting, usually for some perceived gain, be it loot, land, or simply to kill some of their enemies. But there are documented instances where the Orcs have been on the receiving end of the sword, and those who have carried out these ‘exterminations’ call them just that. To Dwarves and Elves, Orcs are the equivalent of man-sized vermin and are treated as such. Granted, I don’t think anyone would want to be neighbours with an Orcish horde, regardless how high the hedge may be, but when this attitude is directed towards anyone else, allow me to use the Dhermi of the Age of Chaos as an example, it is seen as cruel xenophobia. These people were expunged from the Continent because their practices were seen as inhuman, simply because they refused to bury their dead, choosing to have a ritual feast of select portions of the body of their loved ones because they believed the wisdom and strength of dead family would passed on to those who consumed that flesh. Who are we to condemn others because they live in a manner we dislike?

“Now, would you treat an Elf in this manner? No, of course not: Elves are our friends, they are beautiful and patient.

“Would you a Dwarf? Dear Father, no: they are our friends, they are industrious and mirthful.

“But an Orc?

“We have been taught from birth, just as the Elves and Dwarves have, that the Orcs are our enemy. An enemy older than any other, one to be destroyed lest they gain sufficient numbers and weapons to exact that same fate upon us.

“There may be some truth to this, indeed, but let us not forget they are a vibrant and colourful people. And that they are indeed ‘people’.”


Gorruk Plinthale

“Orcs of the Continent.”

Chapter 1: “Overview”

Imperial Year 7916 (Old Calendar),

-4 Standard Years (New Calendar)

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